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Our Mission is to Share

the News of the day and the condition of the USA where MSM has let us down... We offer this page and many more!

Our goals are simple and easy! We share feeds and more to a growing group of people around the world. We are always ON. 

This 24/7 effort is always sharing important information. 

We started as a group and grew into a motivated sharing for fun and serious team based research meta data and more. 

Why we formed was easy and it all started with a few dozen concerned US citizens around the country. #ASRS2020

We are excited to offer this and other pages on Facebook and other social media platforms to educate the people about the effort to attack our nation from the inside out. #InsideOut

We are teaching people how to items of all kinds. #Learning

What we hope is simple and easy to see and accept. Common Sense in the areas of US Constitutional Freedoms is the end game. Some tags are: #BigRRights #Freedom #NoTheirThere #MissionOn

The coup formed against the nation and the incoming president was the reason we formed. We saw it early and we decided we would vote for the new candidate after seeing the attacks on ranchers and others. This was a planned attack that was a plan started by the former presidential administration. We studied and worked to research the facts as we were having coffee daily. 

Coffee Crew was our groups first real effort to see what we could do as NON-ANONS. Then #CoffeeCrewShow was started. 

The shock motivated us to dig deep and see what was going on. We saw one day a group of people now know as ANONS who had done the hard work. #QAnon #QArmy #QTeam #AskQ

We from that day (October 2017), we took notice and we decided we would keep up with the hopes and dreams we were always after as concerned world citizens. #WWG1WGA was formed.

The movement grew and we were involved in building unity and efforts to assure the outcome was for the people. We were real and determined to see this out to it's end. What we saw was hope and ways we could support and give back to humanity. 

While studying the entire situation we followed all kinds of study that others had done. Our efforts were fully engaged when we saw that out concerns about Human and Child trafficking were really bigger than we ever imagined. #ForJenny #Trafficking

We as a group not only were investigating the coup know as SpyGate, ObamaGate and more. We saw it grow into all kinds of listed topics that we started listing by type and kind on YouTube Channels... We made a few... AMERICAN Reviews 

AMERICAN Reviews - Groups - YouTube Channels

Coffee Crew Show - Facebook  and YouTube Channels

Coffee Crew - The Host of the Show and Voice for our Team

Podcasts Started - We were ON... And more PODCASTS... 

The effort got really scary at times, and even frightening. #pages

WeAreQ was a call to Freedom we discovered together... We Are 1 Team working on the good that can be done to help many find truth... #Justice

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