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This group is a small and growing group of concerned citizens who worked to assure that sharing the news of the SpyGate & Cover Up Clean Up was exposed.


SpyGate was a name that became well known in several ways. Dan Bongino was calling the coup as it was developing daily... Then one day President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President pronounced it and the name was official. We were elated that Dan's book came to life. Shortly after that the 1st of several books was published. Many of us have signed copies. 

The risks taken were to help assure the message of the ANONS was delivered to the public.  The efforts were well worth the extra efforts & unknown risks. 

What risks you ask? - Many people were taken to task over the fact that they were doing research. Several people we knew and were working with took time off or completely dissapeared. We still don't know the exact situations in some cases. As of 3/30/2019, We are not sure what the real deal was with Jenn Moore (Task Force), who was working with George Webb. 

The Photos in the group are historic and available here... Open Photos

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