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Into the Feeds that we use? Want to see the greatest and most well organized minute to minute feeds in prime time... We are feeding all out sites using this new site! 

Get items of interest and videos from all over and with one intent in mind... We do the work of feeding our sites and all our fans.
You get the benefit of multiple people and shifts placing the videos in a single easy to find and use stream. 
From here you can share or lerk. You can red pill a friend of family member, You can help get the message out and raise awareness on the world wide issues facing us because PC and it's effects were the norm for so long.
Did we see american lifestyles change and do nothing to say now to the evils and corruption. Were we all to busy and happy with the way life was? Did  we get fooled by the likes of diplomats and bureau-o-crats which are un-elected and still trying to rule over out vote? 
Wake Up Americans! Before it's too late! 

We are now feeding all websites with this video blog on Blogger. It's (with an"s") and it's a stream of shows we post from several YouTube Channels in a day. Each staffer and each shift uses the feed of the blog to place great minute to minute and hour to hour information for you to see and share! 

Morning Coffee is a great show to see...


Morning Coffee is a great show to see... or hear

The podcast is aired daily and had many great playlists as well as shows that have been recorded by topic or subject.

Just a few of our most popular: /on-soundcloud

  • is5181real - Censorship Issues

  • Qanon Post Re-reads - is a feature.

  • Gun Grabbers 

    • What is the US Constitution on #2A? 

  • #BigRRights

  • Morning Coffee Playlist

  • More at Playlists

See Coffee With Carlos! 

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