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What is our mission all about? 
What we do tells you a lot of what we are doing and why. We get a lot of questions in email and people are asking what is the long run goal of the AMERICAN Reviews.
We though we would answer  this here.
1. We as a small group of individuals are in search of the news and ways to share it.
2. We have been on social media for our own personal reasons and we noticed that the points of view that Americans, like us, 
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Our Mission Statement

2. cont'd: see and hear is not being told or addressed at all in the main stream media for some reason. We also noticed that it's not even a part of the news in most cases.
We therefore, decided to start reporting the news and share it in more ways than we see happening on the news services.
3. Our Goals 
As a team we want to bring items that make the public aware of the truth. We want to share news worthy items that relate to things we find interesting. We were interested most in what the real story behing the mix up by Americans on history (good or bad). We are really intersted in knowing more about the effective destruction of what is now know commonly as the "DEEP STATE" and who THEY actually are in our lives. 
4. Qanon and QArmy News reviews. As we noticed, there is a small by interesting group of people who like to be very active and remain ANOYMOUS online and around the world. We are watching them and vetting all of them. We see real ones, luke warm ones and fake ones too. We provide and ongoing list of ones to watch. We have shared the events around them and their efforts to do what we hae done for almost 40 years. WWG1WGA means all to us and them. We fully support them in their efforts to destroy the DEEP STATE.
The types of news are many. We see what has been going on and we reported it in our past formats and show... In 2019, we
 decided we would relevant the ways we do the news and what we would feature.
"One thing you can count on...
We do use and report "Other People's News!" says Greg. 
Why is this unique? 
Other People's News is know as OPN. It's a concept that is important in finding the real news at the bottom of the barrel. Your news services that you as listeners and Americans have trusted and deepened upon for decades is not giving you the services that you now demand. We know this fact from the reports we get daily in many emails and from listening to those who are dropping truth bombs daily. 
2019 And Into 2020 - The Plan
Qur plan is to be flexible in our offering
and bing highlights. We will share as we see fit, the important items voters and America want to hear about, you know the things not being reported in the Main Stream Media. 
"We will also continue to find those who do the same and share the news they have to share." says Greg. 
Our stance may not always agree with some people, but we will always support the 45th President of the United States. USA.

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