People Know

An Initiative by the CCSP Team and AMERICAN Reviews for 2020 and beyond. 

Goal 2024:

1. Help as many people find out about the Q-Anon movement in a true and supportive manner. 

2. Help People who are now fooled by the MSM to find out about and discoeer the TRUTH about the situations facing our nation about the corruption.

3. Share the findings on our mutually agreed to sites & podcasts by the Coffee Crew (Greg Alexander and the CCSP Staff). 


Many people would follow others over the cliff if someone did not do what we have committed to do. We are always happy to help people in all kinds of situations.

In the digital information areas we see the world as one in which there is an imbalance to the people. 

MSM is in trouble and has been a new party and part to the Fake News.

We as people see others as humans who do need to know. We are truely shocked that the MIC and it's ties to a NWO type element are dangerous to the general populations overall. 

We see the plan of God to have balance in life as most important. There is & has been a breakdown of morals. The roots of American life itself are hurt. We see the PC Uncorrect as a more fitting element than most. We think the PC reactions to everything have greatly changed over the last 60 years. Why this happened is part of our 40 years of study. 

A Sense of urgency has been easy to feel in these times of trial and a seemingly sad. Humanity cannot be fooled in most cases. The  people who are most subject to being drawn away from truth through complacency and lazy lifestyles concern us greatly. 

Balance means Justice gets restored to the Americans lifestyles we all know and once trusted far too much. 

Logical Thinking means we do look, share and research. 

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