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Kids and social media: how young is too young?

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Online Safety is Important. We do suggest that you are in-control of the time the kids are using this powerful tool. We suggest that you have strong rules that apply.

Child safety is important. Online life is very good in someways and very bad if left to itself. We see this in everything. Texting is a major concern. All kinds of studies are out. Be Aware.

Knowing what the kids do and how they use the tools found online is very important.
The web has both good & bad for all ages.
Children are not the only ones effected. #HR5181
We see "texting" as a number one concern! #HandFree
Online Safety Has Been A Major Concern for Web Design Team for Decades.
Others built with intent addicting works.

Harmful Vs. Good Content

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