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WWG1WGA - Unity & NonAnons

Today we see a real need to tell people that are not Anons to Unite and Get more information. If you understand some things about the movement that is and has swept the world, you should share and support the unity needed help the humanity issues effectively.

What we are seeing is more and more people learning about the real coup and what happened. Some people are too proud to admit that there was a coup. But believe me the time is coming when the coup will be more fully accepted as US History.

Study what it means to think - Where We Go One, We Go All and what the oath of a Patriot. The erasing of US History has been attempted but cannot be done. Not in our lifetimes and not in the history that got us to this day and time. Don't let pride set you on a wrong path. Pray for those who will not recognize the facts that the world was attacked by evil.

We Are AMERICAN Reviews - USA #WeAreTheNews Now!

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