Speak Out Tour USA 

What is the Speak Out Tour USA?

The Weekend's Events 

Every weekend we go out and we find things to do around the areas we are in at the time. We travel, We visit, We interview and we entertain. Then we share the items online and on web sites. We have 2 Facebook pages dedicated to our adventures and we love to share and see what others are doing as well. 

History of the Speak Out Tour USA

It all got started around the barn and our Friday Night Campfires. We always enjoyed company and had a great little bond fire to keep us warm and gather around. As the tradition went so well and things changed... so did we. There is no more staying around the farm. There is no more having people over. After the elections and a year off for healing from a needed operation, Coffee Crew, the Cowboy at the barn, sold  the horses and went on the road. Now the tradition was so good, we just changed the name... it's Speak Out Tour USA. 

Runs From Friday Night to Sunday Nigh -CCSP

See The Ongoing Speak Our Tours

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