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Our 5 Main Objectives and Projects are to deliver to you the following:
1. News on Issues of the day
2. Top 20 Causes That People Care About
3. Helping PEOPLE KNOW
4. Deep Dives into Historic Events
5. Awareness of the Needs by Opinion
A group of concerned individuals who are online and in many locations around the world that do review and share links of interest. 
We do choose to share the shows of the Coffee Crew and have shared many shows and many links to OPN* (Other People's News). 

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We are happy to share and glad you have found us here. We are a multi level of daily and weekly news and interests and have changed the way we share for the public. 

In late 2019 and for 2020 our teams have decided to share more in-depth deep dives and continue to do our daily podcasts.


Our delivery of Video is now decided by the CCSP Team and Staff. We are all volunteers and we are members of the Coffee Crew Facebook, YouTube and Blog Communities (and other social media platforms. 

We provide Twitter feeds from two of our staff accounts and now from Coffee Crew and Some by contributors or valued Twitter Feeds.

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